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Gugrel | 06.10.2019
This movie is truly, truly amazing ! I love it and i beloved it sans any hesitation!
Fenrikora | 08.10.2019
so basically she believes in mob justice for conservatives and due process for liberals.yep, no conflict of interest or hypocrisy there.good choice hypocrites.
Zushura | 09.10.2019
It’s not a big deal if it’s a treat not something that’s depended on daily. We put too much pressure on parents about this type of thing. Moderation is the answer. Get it right most of the time. Don’t sweat your child’s diet if it is basically nuitritious and calorie appropriate. Soft drinks and snacks with little nutritional value are a lot more likely to result in an child with poor nutritional habits than an occasional Lunchables lunch.
Vogis | 10.10.2019
Mmm I need you to share that big dick.
Kagis | 12.10.2019
This week has gone to shit in a hurry. May it improve for everyone here on out.

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