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  • 27.01.2020
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Tygosho | 31.01.2020
lady at 6:50?
Turisar | 02.02.2020
The reality is that I cannot quantify in term of time, how long I will take to be actually interested in marriage. I have never dodged the conversation with her and we always speak openly about this issue and I simply told her that I am not feeling ready for such an important step. As I said before, I love her so much, that eventually I can break up with her, to see her happy with another person that can eventually give her what she wants, but of course is easier to say than to do it. Before to do this I want to see if it possible to fine a common ground in which we can start to work. She realizes that she is putting me pressure. I made her understand that if she keep pushing, I will start to get further and further.
Bram | 04.02.2020
But great to go underneath
Jusida | 05.02.2020
I love everything about a snow day. I like sleeping in and going for a walk outside and then making a treat with my kids when we come back. There is nothing I do not like about (our exceedingly rare snow days.
Vogar | 05.02.2020
Add me babe. Id love to lay you down and eat your pussy out for hours

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